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DOD Webmail or known as DoD Enterprise Email or Army Enterprise Email is the Department of Defense’s new email platform. Previously, it was known as AKO Webmail platform and it requires a CAC when you log-in. The old webmail was changed into DoD Enterprise Email since the cost and benefit of some of the email storage accounts were not worth it. On October 1, 2012 it had been directed to start the deactivation of 430,000 AKO email account. As users switch to DoD EE, the DoD continues to deactivate all the AKO email accounts.

DoD Webmail Login

DoD Webmail

Although AKO email has already deactivated, it still applicable since there are still email bound for AKO accounts. The email will be forwarded mechanically to DoD EE accounts. Those 430,000 army users are those who had already switched to DoD Enterprise Email. They include Deployed soldiers, family members, retirees, sponsored accounts, Army Reserve soldiers, and Army National Guard soldiers.

For those who have not got any CAC, they have to be sponsored by a DoD employee or official. The sponsor should be affiliated with the DoD or some federal agency that have responsibility for confirming and authorizing your need for an ID card. Moreover, you have to get yourself registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) through your sponsors before card issuance. You are required to get reregistered in DEERS is there is any change in roles such as shifting from activeduty to the status of contractor.

Get CAC for Your DoD Webmail

The contractors are also required to be registered in the Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS) by a reliable and trusted agent (TA). The sponsors will not directly support your registration but they will do background verification for you beforehand. The procedure will be conducted with two steps: fingerprint checking by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) check.

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