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Lafayette Webmail Login Page

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Lafayette Webmail – Lafayette college provides a web based email service for students, faculty, staff and individuals affiliated with the college. The email account given to the users will be used as a medium to deliver information and announcement related to college life and many others. The webmail is based on Zimbra webmail which is now available in Zimbra 8 version.

Lafayette Webmail Login Page

Lafayette Webmail Login Page College

In order to lo log in to the webmail, users need to enter their Lafayette credentials or in other words their username and password. If users have troubles with their Lafayette credentials, they can click the ‘Managing Your Lafayette credentials’ link in the webmail login page.

Zimbra 8 offers various new features and in collaboration with ITS as the network manager, the features will be helpful for users in Lafayette. ITS has added a new default Lafayette theme for Zimbra. If users use default theme, their theme will automatically change to the new one. The Global Address List (GAL) in which college-wide listing of all faculty, staff and students are found is updated in this Zimbra 8. The general interface also changes, the changes are mainly the location of some tabs like Mail, Calendar, Address Book etc.

Updated Zimbra 8 Lafayette webmail

Users now can be more relaxed when working with mails, they do not need to worry about accidentally deleting or moving important messages with the new undo feature. When users delete or move messages, an undo option will appear at the top screen and users can click it to undo the action. The undo option does not work for messages which have been sent. The new calendar features allows users save or send the appointment they made. Documents and Briefcase tabs in the old version is now placed in one tab called Briefcase. The details of all new features can be read at Technology Help page.

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