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Peoplepc webmail is an email address from PeoplePC that offers DSL internet services to rural areas where the cable is not possible to install. Although peoplepc provides cheap dial-up internet service, it experienced up and down past even after Earthlink bought it. One of its rocky situations was when it entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance with the Attorney General of the State of New York in 2007. The problem at that time was about misleading advertising.

Peoplepc Webmail Login Page

Peoplepc Webmail Login Page

Moreover, peoplepc also had a bad reputation about billing and unsubscribing complains from their customers. The fact happened, to be fair, was that internal service providers and cable services problems got a lot of complaints. Regardless its negative review, peoplepc offers cheap dial-up internet service. The dial-up plan for the entry-level is offered with email protection for up to four email addresses. Furthermore, peoplepc also controls spam and a pop-up blocker so users can feel relieve about them although they need to download peoplepc’s toolbar.

For those who are worried so much about virus attack, peoplepc offers Symantec email virus protection but there is no internet security software provided as well as no parental controls with the dial-up service although the internet security software is given along with a DSL service subscription. Next, Security Plus Dial-Up plan is offered by peoplepc but the cost is rather high. The expensive cost is fair with its services include antivirus, antispyware, a firewall and phishing protection. To reach wider users, peoplepc has dial-up service nationwide so users can check on its website to see their dial up access numbers in their area.

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The DSL services mentioned earlier are offered to the users and they are called high-speed internet on the website. Although the speed is slower than cable or fiber internet connection, peoplepc DSL is provided in rural locations and it is fast enough to enjoy the modern websites like streaming music and playing games.

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