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In Internet & Tech – Cox webmail is one of many products offered by Cox. Cox webmail can be accessed from address or users can access from browsers if they do not want to bother remembering or setting the address in their favorite address. Logging in with cox webmail will allow users to enjoy some features like access up to 10 email accounts. Login

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With the ability to have 10 email accounts, users will be able to use those accounts for different purposes like business, personal, education and many others. What is more amazing with those 10 accounts is that each account is given 2 GB of storage space. Users can have a total 20 GB of storage space from those 10 accounts combined. There is no worry for deleting important messages with important attachments in those accounts.

Logging in to the webmail is easy, users only need to enter their user ID and password ID and click “Sign in” button. Before clicking the ‘sign in’ button, users can choose two webmail options, classic webmail or enhanced webmail. Users who have fast internet connection can choose enhanced webmail for better display, performance, and features.

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Unlike other webmail where users need to compose a message first and later choose the recipient of the message, cox webmail enables users to compose new messages to contacts from the address book. This function is good for users to skim the address book and greet those who have not been in touch with users for long time.

One common problem for every users of email service is spam, virus and other disturbing messages in their inbox. In order to clear users’ mailbox from those problems, users can manage the SpamBlocker to determine what messages should be categorized as spams. There are also many advanced tools provided in the webmail to help users perform their task easily and quickly.

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